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Train the Trainer – for international trainers and seminar leaders

When training end-users, clients, colleagues or external participants, it is vital that the trainer knows how to create and deliver professional training in an efficient, structured and pedagogic manner. The trainers need to know how to conduct training in English, in different cultures, and adjust the way they teach accordingly. This course in designed to give trainers tools, checklists and techniques that will maximise their skills as international teachers. The participants in this seminar will be presenting, conducting workshops and setting up exercises under the guidance of a very experience international trainer. They will be filmed and get personal feedback on their pedagogic skills. This course will give the participants numerous useful tips, many ideas and great inspiration, whether they are experienced trainers or new in their role.

Cognosis´ trademark is our highly interactive training programmes with reality based case studies putting our participants right in the learning hotspot. To attend a Cognosis training programme is to experience intensive and tough high level training. The secret behind the top evaluations we get from our participants is our unique training methodology, EAT. Our seminars hold three key elements:
• Experience
• Analysis
• Theory
Our training is based on academic theories in combination with best business practise, realistic exercises and personalised feedback from a trainer with wide business know-how and a vast international experience.

Cognosis´ highly acclaimed courses in international business communication focus on the key skills required by all successful business people, sales as well as R&D and management. We are known for effective high-quality training based on realistic case studies leading to concrete results. Our trainers have lived and worked as communication skills trainers and cross-cultural consultants in Europe, the USA, the Far East and Latin America. Our trainers use modern and dynamic methodology that ensures a true experience in ‘learning by doing’.

Do get in touch and let us discuss what programme would suit your organisation best!

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