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International Key Account Management

The International Key Account Management Programme will be closely linked to and aligned with your strategy, mission, vision and values. The whole programme will be built around current business cases and input from the senior management. To get the best effect, our training is based on hands-on practical workshops, problem-based learning and assessment. The objective of this programme is to train your international sales people to find, win and keep the right customers on a highly competitive market – and constitute a vehicle to communicate your corporate strategy.

International Customer Communication Skills

The objective of our tailor-made training programme in International Customer Communication Skills is to sharpen the customer communication skills of your technical experts, project managers and pre-sales people in strategic international customer meetings. The overall goal is to enhance your competitive strength in an international market, where success in business is closely connected to successful interpersonal communication skills of your front people. Competence in understanding customers and handling relations with them is an area which is of most strategic importance.

Cross-Cultural Communication

When working on an international arena, conducting meetings with clients, colleagues, suppliers an international management teams, you need to be aware of the business code and the social code of the cultures you work with. The ability to understand and read the cultural code will enable you to create good relations, act right in different situations, avoid unnecessary conflicts and faux pas. This intensive course will give you the keys to cultural awareness and sharpen your skill to work internationally. You will get tools to read different cultures, including your own. You will encounter numerous examples from business situations in different cultures and test your ability to decode the mechanisms and choose the right way to act, guided by an experienced international trainer.

International Business Negotiations

When you negotiate with clients, colleagues or suppliers from other cultures, there are many things you need to know in order to maximise your chances of achieving a good result. During this course, you will be trained to plan your negotiation strategy and tactics so that you succeed on an international arena. You will get to know the fundamentals of international business code and analyse how to adjust your agenda accordingly. You will be practising your negotiation skills in realistic case studies, become aware of your strong sides and your weak sides. You will get personal feedback and coaching from an experienced international trainer.

International Business Presentations

When doing a business presentation at an international meeting, it is vital to be structured, convincing and absolutely clear – and know how to act on an international arena. This course will give you the tools and the training you need to present in English, understand international business code and avoid common pitfalls that most Swedes fall into. You will be working on your actual business presentations, get advice on how to express yourself, which words to use and which words to avoid in order to achieve maximum credibility and impact. You will be filmed when presenting and get personal feedback and coaching from an experienced international trainer. After this course, you will have a totally different approach when presenting at international meetings.

Train the Trainer – for international trainers

When training end-users, clients, colleagues or external participants, you need to know how to create and deliver professional training in an efficient, structured and pedagogic manner. You need to know how to conduct training in English, in different cultures, and adjust the way you teach accordingly. This course in designed to give you tools, checklists and techniques that will maximise your skills as an international teacher. You will be presenting, conducting workshops and setting up exercises under the guidance of a very experience international trainer. You will be filmed and get personal feedback on your pedagogic skills. This course will give you numerous useful tips, many ideas and great inspiration, whether you are an experienced trainer or new in your role.

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