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In-house Training Programmes Tailormade for Your Organization

Cognosis is an international training company running company in-house tailormade seminars in Europe, Asia, US, South America, Latin America, Africa and India (EMEA & APAC). Our focus is International Sales Training programmes, Business Negotiations and International Management Programmes. Our lecturers are senior, skilled professionals with a strong academic background and extensive international experience.

Your business situation and current need for competence is the basis for the training programme we design for you. If you need a training targeted to a specific situation for your key business people, e.g. merger, new market or tougher competition, we design that training programme for you. If you need a comprehensive training programme on MBA-level for your International Sales Force or your technical experts and project managers, we design that training programme for you. You will get a current training programme which also will give an important know-how from other lines of business and other markets, i.e. outside-in professional perspective.

When working on an international arena, your key people in management, sales, purchasing and project management need to be aware of the business code and the social code of the cultures they work with and act appropriately. Cognosis international inhouse training prorammes will be tailormade to your organization, your strategy, your line of business and your market. We design and deliver international training programmes for international management teams, international sales forces, international project managers and purchasers dealing with suppliers from different cultures.

Our international in-house training programmes:

  • International Business Negotiation Skills for Sales
  • International Negotiation Skills for Purchasers
  • Business Presentation Skills
  • International Managerial Skills
  • International Customer Communication for technical experts and project managers
  • Cross Cultural Communication and teambuilding – how to work with international teams and colleagues
  • International Customer Communication – how to build good business relations with customers from other cultures
  • Train the Trainer – How to set up efficient in-house training.

The ability to understand and read the cultural code will enable you to create good working relations, act right in different situations, avoid unnecessary conflicts and faux pas. Our seminars will give you the keys to cultural awareness and sharpen your skill to work internationally.

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