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Our Core Competence is designing and delivering targeted, great training.

Cognosis´ trademark is our highly interactive training programmes with reality based case studies putting our participants right in the learning hotspot. To attend a Cognosis training programme is to experience intensive and tough high level training. The secret behind the top evaluations we get from our participants is our unique training methodology, EAT. Our seminars hold three key elements:
• Experience
• Analysis
• Theory

Our training is based on academic theories in combination with best business practise, realistic exercises and personalised feedback from a trainer with wide business  know-how and a vast international experience. Each seminar we run is tailor-made to our client´s organisation, market and the people we train. To ensure an optimal, targeted training programme, we conduct a careful pre-study which includes interviews and pre-course questionnaires. Finally we design reality based case studies and excercises, aimed at maximizing your learning experience – our most unique competence.

Our International training programmes are run onsite or in a conference venue in a location of your choice, be it Berlin, Hong Kong, Mumbai, California or Copenhagen. Or any other place you need us to be.

Cognosis was founded in 1993 and since then we have trained thousands of professionals from a wide range of businesses from all over the world. We have become known for our outstanding training methodology, our business acumen and our ability to include spot-on personal feedback in our training programmes. The Cognosis faculty consists of experienced international trainers with an academic background, pedagogic acumen and business know-how. We also teach at business schools, write articles and books. Cognosis is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our most popular seminars are International Business Negotiations, Targeted Business Presentations,  International Business Code and International Management Skills.
We can offer you training in the language you prefer, anywhere in the world, as well as project management and administration in English. You will get consistency in your international training programmes, guaranteed quality and professional trainers, wherever you operate.