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We will be the best training partner you have ever had.

Cognosis design and run international training programmes for key people in your organization who have an impact on your results. The people winning your business, negotiating your contracts, and facing your customers. The managers on all levels who make sure everyone who is working in your company has clear objectives and gets the support they need to do a great job.

We train Key Account Managers, Specialists, Purchasers and Lead Buyers from a wide range of industries to present proposals and negotiate good deals. We train managers from all over the world to lead their teams and achieve great results. From experienced top managers to young high potentials. You have hired them for their talent and skill. We will train them for success. And we know that the more you invest in your key people, the better will they perform.

Our mission is to make you succeed. We know how to train you to do that.

This is what our clients say about is:

“The training was adapted to our industry and the case studies were very valuable. Very interesting to learn about negotiation with other cultures. Valuable discussions and
sharing of experience.” (BAE Systems)

“The trainer was extremely competent and gave great advice. The most valuable thing was the trainer´s experiences and way of teaching.” (Hannover Re)

“This should be a mandatory course for people working internationally.” (Gambro AB)

”I´ve learned to structure a good presentation, get buy-in and to interact with an audience. We got plenty of opportunities to practice and improve. It was very valuable
to get good, honest feedback. The course made me a more comfortable speaker.” (Ericsson)

“The course was directly useful in my work-life. I can use this new knowledge every day. I got a lot of valuable tips and feedback from both trainer and peer group, and
got an international perspective on presentation.” (Atlas Copco)

“I definitely got new perspectives on other cultures.” (Ernst & Young)