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Social Responsibility

Cognosis’ environment work is characterised by a holistic view of the environment, with regard to both natural and human resources. Our environment work is based on a vision where we collaborate with our clients and suppliers in a society that works fully for the people of tomorrow, while our own work environment seeks to stimulate further training and development for ourselves.

To put into effect forward-thinking environment work in a training company like Cognosis there has to be a stimulating work environment which promotes self-development, good morals and ethical values regarding other people.

The long-term goal of this work is to help create a better living environment for coming generations. Our environment policy implies that all co-workers at Cognosis help to minimise the total negative environment footprint with these guiding principles:

  • Aim for better environment effectiveness and make optimal use of resources, which is stipulated by current legislation as a basic ambition.
  • Base work with sub-suppliers on Cognosis’ environment policy.
  • Minimise the creation of waste, and recycle waste as far as possible by re-using it.
  • Take all environmental aspects into consideration in our decision-making process. We aim to find a balance between what is technically possible, economically viable and ecologically acceptable.
  • Consider the environment when carrying out the services we offer with regard to the choice of material, travelling and work routines.
  • Encourage all co-workers to work towards increasing our environment competence and environment awareness.
  • Continually evaluate risks and prevent or reduce any negative effects that our activities may have on the environment.

The social responsibility manager will ensure that environment regulations are observed and that established goals are achieved. We are convinced that our Environment policy is of great importance for our business and our future competitiveness.

Anne Neppare