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The ever-increasing internationalisation of business calls for new skills. More and more people have to be able to conduct international negotiations. An awareness of customs, social codes and rules in other cultures maximises your chances of closing successful business deals, partnership agreements and carry out international projects.

This training is an absolute must for anyone who negotiates in English, with other cultures. You will discover mechanisms, signals and game plans that definitely will change your approach to negotiations – and increase your chances of getting an agreement, on the right terms.


The goal of this training is to increase your negotiation skills and to make you more confident when negotiating in an international environment.

  • Tactics. The different phases in a negotiation. How to carry out your negotiation in order to achieve your goal in an international context.
  • International awareness. How to adjust your tactics and your style in order to reach your goals when negotiating with counterparts from other cultures. How cultural differences in communication can affect a negotiation.
  • Strategy. Goal setting, fall-back position.
  • Awareness of the most common pitfalls you as a Swede might encounter when negotiating internationally.
  • Negotiation practise with feedback.

Who should take part:

This is a training for anyone who works internationally with:

  • Sales and presales
  • People management
  • Building and maintaining customer relations
  • Purchase of external services
  • Project management
  • Trouble shooting

You will train your negotiation skills in realistic cases and get
personal feedback on your strong and week points as a negotiator
by an experienced international trainer.

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