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This training is designed to train you to do presentations in English in a professional, relaxed and convincing way. You will learn how to get your listener’s attention and get your message across, get useful tools for preparing and structuring your presentation and become aware of the most common pitfalls for a non-native speaker of English. You will get feedback on your presentations from a native speaker who has extensive experience of business presentations.


The goal of this training is to:

  • Give you a method for preparing your presentations in a goal oriented way.
  • Give you a tool for structuring your presentation so that your audience follows you – and gets your message.
  • Train you to present in English, to make you feel more confident and relaxed when making presentations in English.
  • Show you different ways of influencing and making an impact on your audience.
  • Sharpen your language and communication skills.
  • Make you aware of cultural differences and show you how to overcome problems that may arise as a result of cultural differences.
  • Give you personal feedback to make you aware of your strengths and enable you to make the most of your personal talents and qualities.

Who should take part

This is a course for anyone who needs to be able to make presentations in English in a relaxed and convincing way. You may have to:

  • Present your company and yourself to new clients and partners
  • Create a platform for further discussions, introduce new projects or close business deals.
  • Lead an international team.
  • Introduce a new product at a trade fair or product launch.
  • Explain a technical process for end users or clients in order to help them use a system, a method or a program correctly.
  • Work as project manager.

You will train your presentation skills in realistic exercises and get personal feedback on your strong and week points as a presenter by an experienced international trainer.

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