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Psychology, communication & coaching for anyone who is interested in good working relations

This 2-day residential seminar is designed for anyone who wish to deepen their understanding of psychology, communication and coaching in a dynamic and inspiring environment. The focus will be on the dynamics of work relations, and how to create sustainable relations with the members of the team you lead, your colleagues and your top management as well as with your clients. You will deepen your understanding of conflicts and your ability to handle difficult people and situations. You will clarify your own reactions and patterns, and be able to make conscious choices for how you interact with other people.

During this seminar you will discover:

  • The basic structure of all interpersonal relationships.
  • How to map patterns of behavior and reactions.
  • How to form new contacts and work relations consciously.
  • The power of energetic linkage: the drivers behind motivation and inspiration. How to create trust and loyalty.
  • How to change old patterns of interaction.
  • How to resolve disagreements and conflicts more efficiently.
  • How to redefine and improve your leadership.

The primary method used on this psychology seminar is Voice Dialogue, an experiential and process oriented approach to professional and personal communication.

Let us give a short background to the Voice Dialogue theory and method: Have you ever heard yourself say something like: A part of me really feels uncomfortable when I’m around certain people. Another part of me doesn’t want to say anything in case I upset them. And yet another part of me thinks I’m stupid for letting them get to me at all! Listen to people talking on the radio or TV and you will often hear them using expressions such as: “A part of me”, “I push myself”, “I’m in two minds”. Ads are constantly encouraging us to develop our inner Warriors, Lovers, Geeks, Adventurers – and more. In each of these words and phrases there is an implicit understanding that we are all made up of many different parts or “selves.”

In the late 1970’s, ground-breaking therapists, Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone, developed a highly transformational approach to personal development called Voice Dialogue. This safe and simple process enables you to tune in to your different selves and allow their voices to be heard more clearly and distinctly.

Being able to listen objectively to parts of you like your Pusher (that continually drives you to achieve and accomplish), your Pleaser (that wants you to be nice to others all the time), or your Inner Critic (that reprimands you for every mistake you make) gives you the freedom to choose whether to act on their imperatives or not.

This seminar will be an eye-opener to you, make you see your own mechanisms and unconscious patterns. You will also understand why people around you react the way they do, what drives and motivates them.

Who should take part

This seminar is for people who meet people, work with people, lead people and need to manage conflicts of interest: managers, negotiators, consultants, sales and purchasing.

For more information, do get in touch!

Seminar fee: 15.900 sek excl. VAT and accomodation (2.600 sek). NB: For 3 reservations, there is a 10% reduction pf the seminar fee.